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Ear Wax Removal

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Ear wax is a natural product of your ear, and serves to keep the ear lubricated, protected and healthy. 


However, sometimes ear wax can build up within the canal and become problematic. Excessive earwax can cause hearing loss, itchiness, dizziness, pain, and even temporary tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears), and when it gets to this stage (or before) we recommend you come and see us to have it safely removed.


We use a variety of methods for wax removal, depending on the individual anatomy of the ear, the medical history, and the type and position of the wax in the ear.


Microsuction is the method we use most often, which is safe, painless, and uses a tiny vacuum to gently remove the wax from the ear canal. 


Irrigation is the method many people will be familiar with, and remains a useful technique, particularly when the wax needing removed is soft and deep in the ear canal. Irrigation involves gently flushing the ear out with warm water.  


We will often use a combination of these methods, along with the occasional use of Jobson Horne probes, to safely remove excessive ear wax, and relieve the problem.

We charge £50 for ear wax removal, whether it's for one or two ears. If no wax is present in the ear canal, we will provide advice on what may be causing the sense of blockage, may perform tympanometry on the ear(s), and advise on what to do next. The charge in this case is £25.

If you suspect one or both of your ears are blocked with wax, you can book an appointment online.


NB Online appointments available on Thursdays only at present - if you would like an appointment Mon-Weds just get in touch.

If you don't live within striking distance of Galashiels, you can find a list of independent ear wax removal specialists here!

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