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Transferring from another provider

Borders Hearing Care Reception

If you, or a loved one, has purchased a hearing aid from another hearing centre, or from any other source, and are dissatisfied with the outcome, our rescue & support consultation may be the fix you are looking for!


Our experience in the hearing aid industry has given us an understanding that people may not always get the best technology or service to meet their needs, and suffer negative experiences.


We appreciate how frustrating this can be for the user and their friends and families, and would like to help you. Please be assured that as an independent centre we can access all digital hearing aid systems (with the exception of NHS-issued devices), give recommendations, make changes to your programming and provide advice accordingly.

The first step to fixing your problem is to get in touch with us – every situation and hearing device is individual, and will involve us carrying out a full assessment and review of technology supplied.


Following the consultation, we will be able to provide advice, prescribe a hearing aid solution and the best support package for aftercare and maintenance to suit your needs.


Please don’t be worried about losing out on any existing warranty period, as these are normally provided by the manufacturer, and will transfer with your device(s) if you come to us for your future hearing healthcare. 

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