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Hearing Protection & Earplugs

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Prevention is always better than cure. We live in a noisy world, and many of our favourite hobbies involve loud noise or music, such as shooting, live concerts, motorsport etc.

Of course, if you make your living in a noisy environment, then good hearing protection is an absolute must.

Foam earplugs will normally be provided in these situations, or can be purchased cheaply on the high street, but nothing beats a pair of good earplugs custom-made by an audiologist to fit your ears.

Shooting earplugs are available in various different varieties, some use a clever acoustic filter to shut sound off completely when the gun goes off, others provide electronic amplification of low-level sounds, but act as an earplug as soon as the gun is fired.

Musicians' earplugs come with special flat-frequency-response filters which mean that music continues to sound normal and distinct, not dull or muffled as happens when foam earplugs are used.

In-ear-monitors for professional and amateur musicians are also available, in a variety of performance levels (based on number of drivers), please enquire for details.

We can advise on and supply specific earplugs/hearing protection for motorsport, and industry, as well as live music.

Swim plugs, for those who need to keep their ears dry when swimming, and sleeping earplugs, for those who are light sleepers or troubled by a snoring partner, are also available – please get in touch for details.

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