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Hearing Assessments

Hearing tests Borders Hearing Care

Initial Consultation

We take time to ensure your hearing challenges are fully understood, actively listening to understand your hearing difficulties, taking an in-depth ear health history, and asking questions regarding your lifestyle and communication needs and expectations.

Ear Examination

We will then examine your ear using an otoscope to get the best view, allowing us to identify any obvious obstructions, and any problems with the ear canal or ear drum. Our video otoscope will enable you to see for yourself what your ear canal looks like!


Hearing Test

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing via an air and bone conduction test in a soundproof booth, enabling us to diagnose the exact type and severity of your hearing loss.


Following your assessment we will explain the results in detail, and make recommendations on the most suitable hearing solution (such as digital hearing aids) for your hearing impairment, budget and lifestyle. 

We recommend that you bring someone – a family member or good friend – along to your hearing test appointment. Having them with you can help enormously, as they will be able to offer additional information and insights that you might not have thought about. 


For example – you may not have noticed that you have been turning the TV up more often, or that you couldn’t hear well when out socially, or perhaps on the phone. Good friends and family members are good at picking these things up! And this kind of information can help significantly in the diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for your hearing loss.


Onward Referral

When appropriate, we will recommend you see your GP or ENT consultant before proceeding any further, and send them a copy of our observations and test results. 

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